Interesting Google Tricks

Google Gravity

This is much popular trick of Google.This works when you search for “Google Gravity” and click on “I’m Feeling Lucky” after that objects on the page will start falling down due to gravity and you can play with it by dragging them.


Flip a coin

Flip a coin is awesome way to toss online if you don’t have coin in a pocket.Type “Flip a coin” in search bar and click “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.It will take you to the awesome virtual coin and you can toss with it by clicking on it.See the picture for help.


Blink HTML

Typing  ” Blink HTML ” in Google search will Blink all the words “HTML” on search page and search page will look so amazing with that Blinking words.

Google in 1998

If you haven’t seen How Google looks like in 1998 then you can experience it live.Just search for ” Google in 1998” and then Google will display its old look that was on 1998.See how Google logo looks like. 😉

Google Sphere

Search for ” Google Sphere” and click on the first link.This will make Google revolving sphere that will move with your mouse.You can also continue your Search and that will also appear in sphere.

Do A Barrel Roll

Type the term ” Do A Barrel Roll” in Google search box. Hang on. Before hitting enter, guess what Google will suppose to return you. Is it a YouTube video that explains how to do a barrel roll or  standard information loaded pages? Hit enter now and see what happens. It’s a really Cool Google secret guys!


Type “Askew” in Google Search and it will distort your Search page.It is just like Tilt but it also distort alphabets in search results.

Google Guitar

Guitar lovers can play Guitar on Google.Type “Google Guitar” in search bar and hit I’m Feeling lucky” it will take to you the awesome guitar that sounds with your mouse hover.You can play Happy Birthday,Harry Potter and more music with it.Guitar notes are given below the Guitar.

Dancing YouTube

This one works on YouTube.To do fun with it open YouTube and type “Use the force, Luke” in YouTube search and result will blow your mind.

Also search for “do the harlem shake” on YouTube and enjoy the magic.

Google Pacman

Pacman is all time popular game and you can now play it on Google.Just type ” Google Pacman ” in search and then click on thumbnail that will display on search page.Enjoy the game.

Zerg Rush

This is pretty cool Google game and this will destroy your search result page.When you type “Zerg Rush” in search bar and hit enter , too many small ooooo will come and will try to destroy your search page and you have to kill that O’s before they destroy page.


It is website where you can find amazing things like Google Mirror,Google Snake and much more.To visit that just type “Elgoog” in Google and click I’m Feeling lucky button.Enjoy the number of tricks on that websites.

Google Sky

Actually this is not a trick but interesting thing created by Google.Just like Google Earth you can travel to the sky in between stars.To do that just type “Google Sky” and click on I’m Feeling lucky.

Distance between Cities

You can easily find distance between two cities and also the estimated time to reach their.Type “Delhi to Chandigarh” and it will tell you all information like Distance,Time,Way to travel and more.