Essay on Dusshera for School Kids

Amongst the more popular festivals celebrated in India, Dusshera holds great significance. It is believed to be on this day that Lord Rama killed the demon Ravan and took away his wife from his abduction. Thus, the festival of Dusshera holds a lot of significance amongst people in different parts of the country. It celebrates the victory of good over evil.

Dusshera is mostly a festival of North India with the main areas where the festival is celebrated includes Delhi, Varanasi, West Bengal, and other parts of particular North India. However, it will be incorrect to say that the festival is only celebrated in the northern side of the country. In Mysore, the festivities extend over a period of 10 days during which parades of elephants and horses are used to welcome Goddess Durga. The day of Dusshera falls very near to Durga puja and you can see the entire city side getting lit with lights and lamps of different colors. The main attraction during the festival comes from the fact when the effigy or statue of Ravan is showcased and the same is burnt.

Ravan who is known to have 10 heads is known to be a symbol of different negative emotions in man. The defeating of the devil by Lord Rama symbolizes that men should get rid of negative energies that include lust, hatred, greed, pride, anger, amongst others. Each of Ravan’s head is known to symbolize different negative emotions. There is lot to learn from this festival and this is one of the most significant festivals in the Indian culture.

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