How to Check Land Records in Gujarat Online?

The government of India has launched a computerized record of land known as the national record modernization program. In this program, the first things you need to look after being the online portal applicable for your state in order to check the property and the land online. nowadays, almost every state is aware enough to maintain the land records online .Some of the states are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan MP  and UP. There are a number of methods used by different states differently. If talking about Gujarat then here are some ways.

How to check the records for Gujarat online?

The checking of the land records online requires some of the steps one need to follow. Such as:

Like the other states, Gujarat also has its own official site which is used for the checking the land records online and its name is AnyRor Gujarat.

After that, you need to visit the website and look whether you have opened the right one or not. Then click on the view land record. After clicking on the option you will allow having a list on your screen.

After that, you will be directly introduced to the page for knowing for 7/12 satbara records of Gujarat.

Again, here you need to fill the information, you need to submit these.

As you submit the details, you will be provided a verification code which you need to fill in order to proceed further.

After all, there steps the regarding bhulekh details will be displayed on the screen.

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