How to Choose a Steam Iron?

Iron was traditionally just a device which heated a flat coil of metal which was pressed over the materials. Technology has evolved over the years and ironing your clothes has become easier than ever. Addition of steam and water have made steam iron a lot more versatile. It can easily remove the creases off your clothes and there is no need to press the iron forcefully as steam enables you to remove creases from fabrics both horizontally and vertically.

Cord design – If mains socket is far from the location of ironing, cord should be long enough to reach the cloth. Be sure to get a cord which is capable to move 360 degrees at the base for easy maneuverability. Steam irons also come with retractable cords.

Weight and size – Wrist and hand issues can cause problems when it comes to iron. If it is the case, you may definitely need an iron which is not too heavy in weight and large in size. Check here the best steam iron in India.

Water tank – Especially when you are going to use a lot of steam, an iron can save you from refilling it constantly. You may even detach water tank to refill it easily.

Auto shut off – These days, a lot of steam irons can turn off automatically if it is left as is for a short time, i.e. either laying on side or on its soleplate, or on its base, or all of them.

Wattage – Higher wattage means faster heating of iron and it will get hotter. SO, you could easily iron your clothes.

Heat up time – Be sure to choose iron that can heat up faster to its right temperature. So, it will take less time for you to wait for its efficiency. It is best to choose iron which takes no more than 2-3 minutes. If it takes longer than this, it will be too long.