Is IRCTC Insurance free or paid?

Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC Next Generation), on December 2017, started offering free travel insurance to promote digital transactions. As on September 1, travelers will no longer get free travel insurance as the facility is closed by Indian Railways.

According to an official, Indian Railways will no longer be able to provide its passengers with free travel insurance. However passengers have to pay minimal charges added to their ticket price.

According to a senior official in Railway Ministry, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has made this decision to discontinue this facility on September 1 and the option of travel insurance shall be optional for the passengers.

While booking tickets through mobile application or official website of IRCTC, travelers will have options to choose from – to opt-out or opt-in for travel insurance. He further added that the e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, IRCTC had been offering complementary travel insurance to passengers in order to promote digital transactions since December 2017.

Earlier, the railways also gave up charges of ticket booking for users who use debit cards to make payments. The travel insurance that IRCTC provides to passengers had up to Rs. 10 Lakhs of cover in case of death of the passenger during train journey, Rs. 7.5 Lakh in case a passenger gets disabled during train accident, Rs. 2 Lakh in case of injury and Rs. 10000 in case of transport of mortal. According to the sources, post December 2017, the railways had been charging 60 paisa per passenger.

If a passenger wants to avail travel insurance during their train journey, they will need to pay premium of only 68 paise. The insurance will be available only on e-ticket booking. There are two options for travelers who are booking tickets from mobile application or IRCTC website – opt out and opt-in.

Indian Railways provides insurance to the passengers who are traveling on valid tickets. It covers a lot of risks during the journey. It is not limited to the compensation which is provided to the passengers in case of accident.

In fact, IRCTC has also notified its users about this update on Friday.

According to the email, In order to opt for travel insurance, passengers will have to click “Yes” in Passenger Reservation Form for Passenger Travel Insurance. The Travel Insurance will be available for all passengers who are above 5 years of age.

The insurance premium is non-refundable and this scheme is applicable only to Indian residents, according to a railway official. There are also reports that IRCTC will join hands with various insurance companies to provide travel insurance to its passengers, including Shri Ram General Insurance, Royal Sundaram General Insurance, and IRCTC Lombard General Insurance etc. Including taxes, the insurance cost will go up to Re. 1. However, the website will charge total 92 paise for each ticket.

All in all, even though Indian Railways stopped providing travel insurance for free, but 68 paise is still negligible for it and anyone can pay for such a great facility.

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